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DCL decided to implement its own 4G wireless network, so as to respond to the present and the future needs of its potential customers in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the outer Islands. The system has been tested and proved to be successful.

Initially, the system had been configured to provide services based on the Wimax technology. The installed system is capable of both WIMAX and LTE (Long Term Evolution). Due to limited availability of LTE Devices, DCL decided to use Wimax for the time being.                                                  

As soon as devices are made available, both WIMAX and LTE will be deployed. Depending upon demand DCL may shift to LTE only in the future.

DCL came up with the acronym A.L.I.C.E which stands for ACTIVATE a LIFE of INNOVATION, COMMUNICATION and ENTERTAINMENT. This acronym describes very well the services, which DCL wants to put forward for the benefit of its users.


This has everything to do with connectivity that is the way people connect and get access to Internet and other services. There are two ways of connectivity:

(1) Connecting wirelessly to ALICE’s network using available powered USB modems, desktop modems or external antennas (depending on your distance from the base stations)

(2) Through Wi-Fi enabled devices (Smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, etc.)

ALICE Wi-Fi zones will be available within the Plaines Wilhems region during the first phase of the project and DCL is hoping that by the end of the first semester of 2013, ALICE Wi-Fi Zones will be accessible all throughout this region. Should you be a member of ALICE, you would be able to connect to our network and benefit from the best possible connection while being fixed, nomadic or even mobile, depending on our area of coverage.


This is all about user experience. ALICE will change the way users in Mauritius consume Internet. No more bandwidth limitation, no more endless waiting for your download, a new era begins!

What ALICE members will now benefit from is a ”pay only for what you consume” connectivity. Along with this, they would be able to benefit from the maximum available bandwidth on the network.

With a minimum speed of 2 Mbps, the bandwidth can technically go up to 40 Mbps! Download a movie while making coffee and start watching it!

ALICE members will now buy Internet consumption by volume. Whether you require 50MB for your smartphone to 50GB of Internet for your monthly consumption, you will be able to buy the volume that you require. Change the way you use the Internet. Activate your life!


ALICE, being the latest innovation of DCL promises to bring new experiences and wonders to its members. To begin with, corporate members will be able to enjoy the new ways of doing business online. ALICE will encourage online business entrepreneurs to host their services on its network to be able to reach their potential customers easily.

ALICE will smoothen the whole process and allow the online business to progress while offering its facilities available on its network and datacenters. If you are one of those brilliant entrepreneurs, talk to us!

Besides this incentive, ALICE will also bring its own innovative services into play. Cloud services will be available for members to be able to take their offices online.

Whether it’s the hosted PBX, your ERP, or even your office applications, ALICE will bring it to your service. No more huge investments for getting your business up and running. All your required business services will be available online from ALICE, with easy and speedy access.

Through its existing POPs(Points of Presence) in Paris, London and Mauritius, ALICE's cloud services can be easily accessible from anywhere around the world.


ALICE promises to change the way its members communicate. More new services will be made available, both for corporate and individuals. A new concept to be made available from ALICE is the conference room. This is a concept that is already existent Internationally, but DCL is the first to make it available on the local market.

Taking place over a phone call, the initiator will have access to book a conference room for a set date and time while the invitees will receive the invite via e-mail with a set telephone number along a PIN code to join the room at a defined date and time. No need for endless travel, start virtual conferencing!

The other new concept for ALICE's communication world is the Easicall VoIP service. This application software can be downloaded for free from the website and is compatible with most devices including ios and android. After registration on the Easicall VoIP service, all you need to do is to be connected to the Internet.

Wherever you are around the world, you will be able to call at the same Easicall rate that you are used to! Calling in between Easicall VoIP is free! More services from the Easicall VoIP application is listed on the Easicall VoIP page.


ALICE is bringing a brand new world of digital entertainment to you. 1,000,000 videos, 10,000 magazines, 5,000 TV channels, 20,000 radio stations, 10,000 games and 300,000 e-books are being brought to ALICE’s members on a single platform!

All you will need to do is buy an access key and the contents will be delivered to you from the cloud for free.

This is an entertainment platform which gives you access to an online library of entertainment, accessible at a click of the mouse. With ALICE's Internet access, enjoy your favourite books, magazines, music concerts and the latest videos available at your fingertips!

ALICE will also bring you its own multimedia platform with the latest movies available on VoD, and other paid multimedia contents which will be made available. Enjoy the new world of entertainment from ALICE. 
Let the fun begin!